Advocabo. Proven specialism.

This is a small, primarily national association of attorneys with proven specialism and expertise. All affiliated attorneys possess prior-tested specialist knowledge in the legal field in which they work. See website:

Venlo Freight Village

This is a logistics platform for Venlo and its surroundings where know-how and experience relating to collective projects are exchanged, which predominantly ensures that logistic firms (are able to) achieve better results. Wolfs Advocaten is the only member firm of attorneys specialised in logistics. See website:

Smart Logistics Centre Venlo

A unique total concept in which the business community works with the government and knowledge institutions to ensure the further development of North Limburg - as a logistics region – into a leading European logistics region. Within the Smart Logistics Centre Venlo the parties combine their efforts in order to ensure maximum facilitation of infrastructure, employment market & education, innovation and acquisition, and PR & branding for existing and new logistic businesses. Wolfs Advocaten provides specialist legal support from its Venlo office. See website:

Limburg Connect

Limburg Connect is an initiative that aims to place Limburg on the international map as a unique cross-border region. The primary focus is on promoting the high living standards and economic activity. To that end, Limburg Connect works together with cross-border partners, especially in Germany. Wolfs Advocaten often works in Germany or for German clients.
See website:

Bedrijventerrein Noorderpoort Venlo

This enterprise park is part of the Noorderpoort Business Park and thus forms part of Ondernemend Venlo with which all businesses and business parks in Venlo are affiliated.
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