Wolfs Advocaten is a member of the professional services network IR global. IR global has made a report that includes contributions from 23 outside counsel across multiple jurisdictions. The report touches upon areas of director liability and governance mechanisms between board and c-suite executives. The report also addresses the current trends within regulatory agencies and courts of which in-house counsel should be aware.

Wolfs Advocaten has answered the following three questions regarding director liability and governance mechanisms between board and C-suite executives. Please take a look at the input and answers of Wolfs Advocaten. Click on the questions.

How does your firm work with General Counsel in making sure the board fulfils its duty to monitor, not only in terms of addressing director liability problems as they emerge, but also in proactively minimising the risk of future events?

What governance mechanisms should General Counsel look to establish between the board and C-level executives in order to best manage officer reporting and liability – particularly in areas such as risk management, cybersecurity, and technology?

What sources of law do you navigate in order to address questions of director and officer liability, and what trends do you see among the regulatory agencies and courts that supervise these issues?