The British road haulage association RHA may proceed with its mega claim against the trucking cartel manufacturers. With 18,000 claimants and a claimed amount of 2.4 billion euros, the RHA believes this is the largest claim of its kind.

The RHA has been given the green light by a British competition authority, the Competition Appeal Tribunal (CAT), to represent the 18,000 transport firms. It is a so-called opt-in case, which means that more aggrieved parties can come forward.

According to the CAT, the RHA may collect claims for trucks heavier than 6 tonnes that were purchased or leased in the UK between January 1997 and January 2014. Used trucks purchased between January 1997 and January 2015 are also covered by the claim. Operators who bought trucks outside the UK during that period may not join.

In the Netherlands, TLN and insurer TVM have united for a joint claim against the manufacturers in the truck cartel. They estimate that in the Netherlands 240,000 trucks were sold at too high a price.


Source: Nieuwsblad Transport

June 20, 2022