Last summer's floods in Limburg and North Brabant will cost Dutch insurers an estimated 60 to 250 million euros, the Dutch Association of Insurers reported on Thursday. Since July, insurers have received 25,000 damage reports.

70 percent of the private claims and half of the business claims have been settled, but because there are many complex water claims - with a long drying time - it takes a bit longer to settle the rest. Therefore, the final damage amount cannot yet be announced.

Most of the claims, some 15,600, come from Limburg and 9,200 from North Brabant. Together this represents 160 to 250 million euros worth of damage, according to the Dutch Association of Insurers. The majority of the reports concern damage to private homes and vehicles, about 2,500 reports concern companies.

Insurers see the worst damage along the Geul and Gulp rivers, especially in Valkenburg. The Dutch Association of Insurers said earlier that minor flood damage is easy to handle, but that it is much more difficult when the Maas floods, for instance. The costs can rise so high that an insurer runs the risk of collapsing. The organisation is discussing this with the outgoing cabinet.

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November 12, 2021