Dutch organisation ‘Ondernemend Nederland’ (ONL) is asking for a third support package for small business owners. The hospitality, travel, events and fairground industry in particular have been severely affected by the corona crisis and, according to ONL, will not survive without a third support package. ONL calls for a next support package to be tailored to the needs of these businesses. For the time being, every sector affected by the corona crisis could call on the support packages. ONL is now pleading to specifically look at which sectors have been hit the hardest.

ONL pleads for a payment arrangement and postponement of payment. This is in line with the measures already taken by the tax authorities, which were discussed in a previous news item. This in order to reduce the tax burden that the entrepreneur now experiences. Finally, ONL also proposes a 'break bankruptcy'. In this case, the activities of the companies are temporarily halted.

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Source: ONL

August 28, 2020