The mayor of Valkenburg is making an urgent appeal to people affected by the floods in July to make use of the Wet Tegemoetkoming schade (Wts). The Wts is a safety net for damage that cannot be insured, recovered and avoided.

The Wts expires on 15 December 2021. The municipality of Valkenburg advises not to wait for the insurance but to report the damage directly to the Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland (RVO), which deals with the damage. The municipality is receiving signals that victims have not yet reported the water damage to the RVO. In order to report the damage it is not necessary to know if the insurance will compensate anything. It is also not necessary to know the specific amount of the damage.

The Dutch Association of Insurers has settled approximately 70 percent of the private damage, for business damage that percentage is 50 percent. The 30 percent of private claims that have not yet been settled are victims with more extensive damage. According to the Confederation of Insurers, the settlement of claims is complex because the damage often only becomes clear months after the flood occurred. Many victims are still drying out rooms that have been flooded.

There are also problems with the so-called stock exchange policies. With this type of insurance, the risk is borne by several companies. These can also be companies abroad. These policies do not cover water damage caused by extreme precipitation or flooding. Many companies choose this type of insurance because they are cheaper than a national insurer.


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Source: 1limburg

November 23, 2021