Commercial law

International trade is vital for the world economy. International commercial law is intended to organise international relations in the most efficient way possible. Part of that is undertaken at international level, as set out in the Vienna Sales Convention, and part is determined by national law. Think of American oranges bought by a Dutch buyer who in turn acts as a fruit supplier to a German supermarket.

Customs law

Customs law also plays a role in this. Do import duties, excise duties or anti-dumping levies have to be paid on import into the European Union? Has the tax return been prepared correctly or will customs send an additional tax assessment/claim? Is the AEO certification being complied with? Legal proceedings are sometimes required, even with the Court of Appeal, and this can be taken care of by Wolfs Advocaten.

Our focus

With regard to commercial law, Wolfs Advocaten's focus is on, amongst other things:

  • international non-consumer sales
  • documentation
  • international agreements
  • bank guarantees
  • terms and conditions of supply (Incoterms)
  • general terms and conditions
  • intellectual property rights
  • Vienna Sales Convention, and
  • choice of forum clauses

With regard to customs law the focus is on, amongst other things:

  • formal customs law
  • material customs law
  • AEO
  • Union Customs Code
  • (in)correct origin / certificate
  • forwarding agent / carrier and/or client liability
  • counterfeit goods / piracy / parallel import
  • agreements, and
  • negotiations with the customs authority

Need further information?

If you require further information, please contact John WolfsLotte Oostdam or Lars Kroese.