Liability law

A fire at business premises, cargo theft, medical blunders and industrial accidents. These topics are in the news almost daily. Liability law is the law that regulates who can be held liable for compensation for losses suffered by and/or caused by third parties.

Recover the loss

If a third party, company or private individual is liable for losses suffered the question arises about whether the liability insurance provides cover and will pay for the loss. If you wish to recover the loss from the person responsible or if you are being held liable by another person for losses suffered, then Wolfs Advocaten can advise you about your legal options. The same applies if your intermediary has not arranged the necessary insurance and you are therefore (partly) uninsured.

Liability insurance

The liability insurance playing field often crosses over with Wolfs Advocaten’s specialism: insurance law. Insurance law regulates the legal relationship between the insurer and the insured party. As a business or private individual you can be confronted with an insurer dismissing claims for losses.

Our focus

(Independent) professional practitioners, such as attorneys, doctors, architects, tax consultants, accountants, civil-law notaries, brokers and insurance intermediaries, and company directors are increasingly being held personally liable. These people often have professional liability insurance or directors’ and officers’ liability insurance. Wolfs Advocaten can help you in such cases. Wolfs Advocaten is also engaged frequently by insurance companies to represent the interests of (independent) professional practitioners.

As a specialist in the area of insurance law, Wolfs Advocaten focuses amongst other things on the following aspects:

  • AVB/business losses/business interruption
  • fire/buildings/construction/CAR
  • D&O/BCA
  • incapacity for work
  • policy evaluation and policy terms and conditions
  • exclusion clauses and potential risk increases
  • cover disputes with insurers, including refusal to pay, and
  • binding advice

More information?

If you would like to find out more, please contact Lotte Oostdam or Lars Kroese.